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Earlier in 2021 we sought your views on how cycling and walking provision in Torfaen can be improved. This public engagement was very successful with over 1000 people participating. We have carefully considered all the comments and combined this public opinion together with other relevant information to produce a draft Active Travel Network Map (ATNM) . As a result there are an additional 111Km of routes on the draft Active Travel Network Map now being consulted on, compared to the map that was approved by Welsh Ministers in 2017.

These maps show:

• where routes require improvement and where new routes are needed (labelled “future routes”)

• routes that already meet the appropriate standard for design of an active travel route (labelled “existing routes”)

• related facilities

On this website you can see our proposed ATNM for each settlement in the county. You can switch on and off layers to see existing routes, future routes, or both at the same time. A separate layer shows where there are active travel related facilities. Each settlement has a page where you can answer questions related to the network in that area.

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The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 requires all local authorities in Wales to continuously improve and increase their active travel routes and plan how routes will join up to form networks so that people can more easily get around by bicycle or as a pedestrian for their everyday journeys to work, school and other local destinations. 

Following a period of public engagement the legislation requires councils to undertake statutory consultation to give the public the opportunity to check their opinions have been taken on board. This is the stage Torfaen County Borough has reached. We are now asking :-

  • Have we identified the correct routes for improvement (future routes)? 
  • Are we correct in our assessment of routes that already meet the agreed standards (existing routes)?
  • Have we identified all the appropriate new routes?

The legislation is primarily (but not exclusively) based on settlements with a population of more than 2000. In Torfaen this means we are consulting about improvements to the walking and cycling routes in: Blaenavon, Abersychan, Pontypool, Ponthir, Cwmbran.

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16th August 2021 • In Progress

Full 12 week public consultation.

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